On the blog: Fighting inequality with the help of network science

Fighting inequality with the help of network science © Pixabay, CC0 Public domainIn a guest post on the SpringerOpen blog, Thomas Louail and Maxime Lenormand explain how they analyzed credit card transactions data to explore the flow of money in urban areas, discussing the ways in which this tool can help spread wealth more evenly among neighborhoods.

On the blog: How trust and distrust inform our choices

How trust and distrust inform our choices © Pixabay, CC0 Public domainEvery day we are faced with a deluge of information, and not all of it is mirrored in reality. How do we decide to accept something as the truth? In a recent article, Giuseppe Primiero and colleagues tackle the dissemination of contradictory information. Read Giuseppe's blog post here.


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Aims and scope

Applied Network Science (ANS) is an open-access and strictly peer-reviewed journal giving researchers and practitioners in the field the ability to reach a larger audience. ANS encompasses all established and emerging fields that have been or can be shown to benefit from quantitative network-based modeling. Contributions from all fields of science, technology, medicine and humanities will be considered, in particular from newly emerging research areas formed and developing at the interfaces of presently established sub-disciplines.

The focus of the journal is based on novel or anticipated applications of network sciences, on related techniques that may be used in applications of complex network methodologies, and on innovative modeling approaches that will enhance specific applications and lead to more widespread use of network science concepts. Overall, articles that have a direct application to real world problems form the core publications of this journal.

Ongoing article collections

Special Issue of the 5th International Workshop on Complex Networks and Their Applications
Guest edited by: Sabrina Gaito, Walter Quattrociocchi and Alessandra Sala

Other article collections can be found here.



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