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Table 1 Flood risk reduction policy actions in the survey

From: Local interactions and homophily effects in actor collaboration networks for urban resilience governance

Policy description Policy description
P1: limit new development in flood-prone areas P9: protect wetland and open space
P2: elevate buildings P10: improve stormwater systems
P3: strengthen infrastructure design standards P11: build additional flood water drainage systems
P4: establish and implement infrastructure resilience program P12: temporarily prohibit development in the period immediately after a disaster event
P5: minimize additional impervious surfaces, such as parking lots P13: charge impacts fees for development in flood-prone areas
P6: build additional protective dams P14: limit the development of public facilities and infrastructure in flood-prone areas
P7: build additional protective levees P15: limit rebuilding in frequently flooding areas
P8: build more catchment reservoirs and retention ponds P16: buyout or otherwise acquire damaged property