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Table 5 Unweighted and weighted conductance scores for the community structures obtained by Louvain and Infomap methods on the Instances network. The first row refers to the average over all pairwise scores between communities, whereas the other rows refer to comparisons between the three largest communities detected by the methods. Weighted variants of conductance account for edges weight when calculating volumes and cuts

From: Understanding the growth of the Fediverse through the lens of Mastodon

  Louvain Infomap
Unweighted Weighted Unweighted Weighted
Instances 0.285 0.239 0.037 0.035
Top-1 vs. Top-2 0.315 0.191 0.370 0.219
Top-1 vs. Top-3 0.816 0.881 0.561 0.721
Top-2 vs. Top-3 0.100 0.059 0.231 0.335