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Table 2 Top 20 Ranking of PageRank (K), CheiRank (\(K^*\)), ImportRank and ExportRank for the year 2018

From: World impact of kernel European Union 9 countries from Google matrix analysis of the world trade network

Rank PageRank (K) CheiRank (K*) ImportRank ExportRank
1 KEU9 KEU9 USA China
2 USA China KEU9 KEU9
3 China USA China USA
4 United Kingdom Japan Japan Japan
5 India Republic of Korea United Kingdom Republic of Korea
6 U. Arab Emirates Russian Federation Republic of Korea United Kingdom
7 Japan India India Russian Federation
8 Mexico U. Arab Emirates Canada Mexico
9 Republic of Korea United Kingdom Mexico Canada
10 Canada Singapore Singapore Singapore
11 Singapore South Africa Switzerland India
12 Russian Federation Thailand Poland Switzerland
13 Turkey Malaysia U. Arab Emirates Malaysia
14 Switzerland Canada Russian Federation Australia
15 Poland Turkey Thailand U. Arab Emirates
16 Australia Mexico Vietnam Saudi Arabia
17 South Africa Australia Australia Thailand
18 Saudi Arabia Switzerland Turkey Vietnam
19 Thailand Poland Malaysia Brazil
20 Brazil Brazil Czechia Poland
  1. The table lists country ranks of both panels of Fig. 1