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Table 3 Table input for the social contact network of individuals

From: Generating a heterosexual bipartite network embedded in social network

43722 16981 H 0.3
11462 W 0.2
37790 Sh 0.01
\(\vdots\) \(\vdots\) \(\vdots\)
51981 23476 Sc 0.16
18462 O 0.02
10790 H 0.5
\(\vdots\) \(\vdots\) \(\vdots\)
\(\vdots\) \(\vdots\) \(\vdots\) \(\vdots\)
  1. The PID is personal ID, FID is their social contact ID, A is activity in which PID meet FID, and T is the fraction of time in a day that two social contacts meet with each other through activity A. We have five different activities, including H as home, W as work, Sc as school, Sh as shopping, and O as others. For example, person 43722 stays with person 16981 at the same home for 7.2 h in a day