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Table 1 Categorical explanation of states of base network (level I)

From: Narcissism and fame: a complex network model for the adaptive interaction of digital narcissism and online popularity

Categories References
Stimulus states the representation of the world external to the body can come into the brain only via the body itself” (Damasio 2012)
wsi World state. i = stimulus s; positive/negative feedback (pf/nf)
ssi Sensory state. i = stimulus; pf/nf
srsi Representation state j = pf/nf
Attribution/evaluation states Narcissism involves states for self-enhancement and mentalizing” (Olsson et al. 2014)
eval+  Positive evaluation of feedback
eval- Negative evaluation of feedback
Happiness related states fMRI studies show activations at or near dopaminergic midbrain nuclei and the VS that correlate with both reward expectation and reward prediction errors…”(Daniel and Pollmann 2014)
bs+ Self-belief state
striatum Ventral Striatum: brain part
PFC Prefrontal cortex: brain part
fsreward Feeling state of reward (Amygdala)
fslove Feeling state self-love (Amygdala)
eshappy Execution state of happiness
insula Anterior Insula: brain part
Sentiment related action states mind is informed of the actions taken.. the feeling associated with the information signifies that the actions were engendered by our self” (Damasio 2012)
os Ownership state
psact Preparation state of action
esact Execution state of action
Body loops: sentiment (sent) and anxiety (anx) The as-if body loop hypothesis entails that the brain structures in charge of triggering a particular emotion be able to connect to the structures in which the body state corresponding to the emotion would be mapped.” (Damasio 2012)
wsi World state for i = sent/anx
ssi Sensor state i = sent/anx
psi Preparation state for i = sent/anx
fsi Feeling state for i = sent/anx
essent Execution state of sentiment
Predicted effect of action They need to know that this person will listen to their fears, take them seriously and do something” (Elliott 2002)
wseff World state of effect
sseff Sensor state of effect
srseff Representation state of effect
Control states the survival intention of the eukaryotic cell and the survival intention implicit in human consciousness are one and the same”. (Damasio 2012)
cs Control state
val Valuation state
Popularity popularity moderated … depressive symptoms.” (Nesi and Prinstein 2015)
wspop World state of effect
sspop Sensor state of effect
srspop Representation state of effect