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Table 1 Notation

From: Normalised degree variance

Basic network notationNetwork heterogeneity notation
nNumber of nodesGqsQuasi-star graph
mNumber of edgesGPerfect quasi-star graph
dNetwork densityvDegree variance
\(\mathcal {V}\)Node set\(\bar {v}\)Normalised degree variance
\(\mathcal {E}\)Edge setJQuasi-star normalisation of
GGraph degree variance
kiDegree of node iσ2Average degree normalisation of
kDegree set degree variance
\(\hat {G}\)Complement of GρHeterogeneity index
\(\hat {m}\)Number of edges in \(\hat {G}\)rNumber of dominant nodes in
\(\hat {k}_{i}\)Degree of node i in \(\hat {G}\) quasi-star graph
pEdge probability in  
 random graph