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Table 1 Land-use mixes of NILs 1, 18, 35 and 87, selected here as representative of Communities 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively shown in Fig. 3, which have been identified by community detection performed on land uses

From: The time varying network of urban space uses in Milan

NILBuildingsIndustrial and commercial areasServicesRoads, railways and airportsGreen urban areasAgricultural areasWater bodies and humid areas
1. DUOMO0.6460.0150.2460.0520.0410.0000.000
18. PARCO LAMBRO - CIMIANO0.1940.0730.1690.1250.2810.1380.020
35. LODI - CORVETTO0.2760.2180.0520.1730.1300.1440.007
87. PARCO AGRICOLO SUD0.0290.0660.0000.0340.0840.7230.064
  1. Each row of the table, say Xi, represents the land-use mix of NIL i and cell xij contains the relative abundance of land use j in NIL i