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Table 1 Data sources and service categories used in the study. Overlapping features representing the same location were eliminated. Two thousand one hundred fifty-six service features were included in the Pokhara case study, with 29% from the 2C GeoNode. Nine hundred ninety-four service features were included in the Douala case study, with 52% of features from the 2C GeoNode. “n/a” means there is no data available from a particular data source

From: Networks of need: a geospatial analysis of secondary cities

Service type categoryServices within each categoryCityNumber of available points from a databaseTotal data points
2C GeoNodeOSM
SocialPolice Stations, Public Safety Assets, Embassies, Courthouse, Social and Recreational Facilities, Parks, Monuments, Fountains, Non-Governmental Organizations, Government Organizations, Post Offices, Fire Stations, LibrariesPokhara237173410
HealthHospitals, Pharmacies, Health Posts, Dentists, ClinicsPokhara303219522
EducationSchools (Any Level), DaycarePokhara8064104
FoodShopping Areas, Market Places, Supermarkets, BakeriesPokharan/a11201120