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Table 7 Neighborhood of the word ‘happy’ and the largest cliques in the corresponding neighborhoods in the considered networks

From: Graph-based exploration and clustering analysis of semantic spaces

Cluster typeSizeWords
Word2vec embedding of Google News network (threshold = 0.5)
Neighborhood31anxious appreciative chuffed confident delighted disappointed eager ecstatic elated excited fortunate glad good grateful hopeful lucky nice okay optimistic overjoyed pleased proud relieved sad satisfied sorry sure surprised thankful thrilled unhappy
Clique11appreciative delighted ecstatic elated excited glad grateful overjoyed pleased proud thrilled
Word2vec embedding of Amazon Reviews network (threshold = 0.5)
Neighborhood28delighted disappointed disgusted displeased dissatisfied ecstatic excited familiar frustrated glad glade grateful impressed infatuated mad obsessed optimistic picky pleased proud relieved sad satisfied thrilled unhappy unimpressed unsatisfied upset
Clique14delighted disappointed disgusted displeased dissatisfied grateful impressed pleased proud satisfied thrilled unhappy unsatisfied upset
WordNet and Moby Thesaurus networks
WordNet Neighborhood3felicitous glad well-chosen
Moby Thesaurus Clique34advantageous advisable appropriate becoming befitting congruous convenient decent desirable expedient favorable feasible felicitous fit fitting fructuous good likely meet opportune politic profitable proper recommendable right seasonable seemly suitable timely ’to be desired’ useful well-timed wise worthwhile
  1. The number of neighbors in Moby Thesaurus is 233 (words not reported)