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Table 1 Number of scenes, matched, retrieved, and missed from the script to caption, for each episode of the Star Wars saga as a pre-processing for use cases in “Network analysis” section

From: Movienet: a movie multilayer network model using visual and textual semantic cues

Episode# Script-caption matching scenes# Boundary based retrieved scenes (#empty)# Meta scenes (#empty)# Total scenes (#empty)
SW110923 (14)51 (36)183 (50)
SW25822 (17)70 (46)150 (63)
SW37516 (14)97 (66)188 (80)
SW422366 (52)193 (172)479 (224)
SW514652 (51)77 (70)275 (121)
SW68927 (19)22 (23)138 (42)
  1. Note that, in the creation process, many scenes were actually removed and changed from their original version to the final cut, explaining the amount of mismatches (empty scenes are usually scene cuts giving a rhythm to the movie