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Table 4 List of features used for OTARIOS’ author score term calculation: ST(Ai)

From: Feature-enriched author ranking in incomplete networks

Feature Score term: ST(Ai) Description
Individuality (W) \(\sum \limits _{(A_{i'} \rightarrow A_{i}, P_{j})}\frac {S(A_{i'}) \times w(A_{i'}\rightarrow A_{i},P_{j})}{w_{out}(A_{i'})}, A_{i'} \in \mathcal {I}\) Favours being cited by insiders that cite few authors.
Recency (A) \(\sum \limits _{(A_{i'} \rightarrow A_{i}, P_{j})}\frac {S(A_{i'}) \times a(A_{i'}\rightarrow A_{i},P_{j})}{a_{out}(A_{i'})}, A_{i'} \in \mathcal {I}\) Favours being cited by insiders more recently.
Venues (V) \(\sum \limits _{(A_{i'} \rightarrow A_{i}, P_{j})}\frac {S(A_{i'}) \times v(A_{i'}\rightarrow A_{i},P_{j})}{v_{out}(A_{i'})}, A_{i'} \in \mathcal {I}\) Favours being cited by insiders in prestigious venues.
  1. Combined with author initialisation (Table 3), we create different variants, e.g., PV+V+A combines initialisation PV+V with score term A, i.e., using citation recency. All variants use RR(Ni)=q×R(Ni) and DN(Ni)=(1−qR(Ni), thus we omit them from the table