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Fig. 7

From: Co-contagion diffusion on multilayer networks

Fig. 7

Heat-maps of diffusion depth by network pairings and bi-modal diffusion curve examples. Each row is a network pairing, with (a) RRG-ERG, (b) RRG-PLG, and (c) ERG-PLG. The first column shows the faster contagion (all things equal), and second the slower contagion. The faster contagion’s diffusion depth depends on both dormancy rates, shown by the diagonal, whereas the slower contagion depends more on its own dormancy rate (more sensitivity across the y-axis). Bi-modal branching is observed in each of the diffusion curves. Graph parameters are given in Table 1 and for the timeseries, τA=0.14, τB=0.02 and α=3.0

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