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Fig. 1

From: On the perturbation of self-organized urban street networks

Fig. 1

Notional urban street networkFootnote

We have \( {{N}\choose {-\nu }} = \frac {\sin \pi \nu }{\pi \nu }{{N+\nu }\choose {\nu }}^{-1} = \frac {\sin \pi \nu }{\pi \nu }{{N}\choose {\nu }}^{-1} (1+\mathcal {O}\left (\frac {\nu ^{2}}{N}\right))\).

in black-and-white and colourized versions used all along the paper. This notional example is meant to pattern a portion of a real-world city map. The black-and-white version (g) connotes a geometrical viewpoint that leads to a Poissonian physics. Whereas the colourized version (t) evinces a topological perception that is subject to scale-free behaviours

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