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Table 3 Features about information walks and related nodes including applicable network measures, new metrics defined by our past analysis (An et al. 2018a), and a few from the metadata of medical treatment records, such as Relative Value Units (RVU) of medical service

From: Towards intelligent complex networks: the space and prediction of information walks

Group Measures
Information walk p Number of nodes on it, time range, pairs of mutually connected nodes, sum of RVU for all visiting, number of visited hospitals, average node PageRank values
Next node/candidates (j and f) Clustering coefficient, PageRank, Hindex, number of initiated cross hospital referral region referrals
Last node c Beyond the features in the group of next node/candidate: time gap with last occurrence, RVU, a binary flag of multiple occurrences on the walk, a binary flag of working in the same hospital previous physician (node)
Metadata for profile similarity d(c,j) Indicators of the same specialty/residency hospital/hospital referral region, number of referrals in history.
  1. Our paper (An et al. 2018b) shows the full list of applied measures