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Fig. 12 | Applied Network Science

Fig. 12

From: A novel framework for community modeling and characterization in directed temporal networks

Fig. 12

Comparison between different community detection algorithms for the Enron email corpus case study. In (a), we show the box-plots of the distribution of the ONMI for each pair of outputs over 100 runs of the three community detection algorithms. The output of OSLOM seem to be highly unstable, confirming our preliminary observations. In (b), we plot the distribution of 〈λ〉 for the three algorithms. Infomap has the largest value of such a quantity. In (c), for each one of the 100 different outcomes of the OSLOM algorithm, we compare 〈λ〉 with the ONMI with the (unique) output of Infomap. The positive correlation that seems to be present supports our suggestion of using 〈λ〉 to evaluate the outcome of a community detection algorithm. In fact, the outputs that are closer to the stable community structure identified by Infomap have a higher value of 〈λ

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