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Fig. 1 | Applied Network Science

Fig. 1

From: Network spectra for drug-target identification in complex diseases: new guns against old foes

Fig. 1

Representative diagrams. a Steps to identify drug targets using network spectra. Step-wise, it involves biological data mining of disease in interest, it can be any biological data such as of sequence data, expression data etc. Further, disease network is constructed using the biological data and after that various techniques in spectral graph theory are exploited to identify important information in networks. b Drug discovery and development timeline. It starts from target identification to pre-clinical studies, to 4 tier clinical trails. From start to finish, the entire drug development process usually spans about 8 to 12 years, leaving drug developers with around a decade or less of patent exclusivity on branded drugs once they make it to market. c Types of biological interactions that can be represented by networks. Molecular interactions are effects that biomolecules have on each other. Since there are variety of biomolecules present such as proteins, DNA, there are diverse types of interactions among biomolecules are possible

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