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Table 7 Results of clustering (K=5) applied to textual self-descriptions of organizations

From: Profiling the EU lobby organizations in Banking and Finance

Cluster Org Top centroid terms
Banking 140 Investment(0.176), banking(0.144), insurance(0.144), directive(0.137), regulation(0.129), funds(0.108), pension(0.106), investors(0.091), asset(0.09), capital(0.088)
Transport 227 Affairs(0.146), information society(0.112), transport(0.112), society transport(0.106), competition consumer(0.105), consumer affairs(0.103), employment social(0.103), trans european(0.102), trans(0.102), affairs energy(0.102)
Payments 31 Payments(0.163), mortgage(0.146), association(0.128), members(0.124), banking(0.118), education enterprise(0.103), housing(0.103), european payment(0.097), interests(0.097), industry(0.096)
Law 44 Law(0.184), profession(0.112), cities(0.11), corporate(0.098), audit(0.088), professional(0.084), lawyers(0.081), governance(0.079), corporate governance(0.079), management(0.078)
Energy 123 Gas(0.152), energy(0.151), eu(0.135), electricity(0.097), work(0.094), europe(0.084), business(0.084), apos(0.082), sustainable(0.08), policy(0.076)
  1. Each cluster is identified by a short name, the number of organizations it covers, and the top ten centroid terms with their weights