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Table 6 Prototypical questions and answers for each co-voting cluster

From: Profiling the EU lobby organizations in Banking and Finance

Cluster Consultation/QuestionID: Question text Answer
1.1 #8/Q7: Is the quality of enforcement of EU retail financial services legislation across the EU a problem for consumer trust and market integration? Yes
1.2 #12/Q10: What information, in your opinion, is most relevant to individual savers before signing up to a product? The tax regime for contributions, returns and pay-outs (very important)
1.3 #3/Q23: Are there mechanisms to improve the functioning and efficiency of markets not covered in this paper, particularly in the areas of equity and bond market functioning and liquidity? Yes
2.1 #9/Q1: What aspects of disclosure of non-financial information do you think that should be addressed by the guidelines? Materiality/Relevance
2.2 #9/Q8: How do you think that the guidelines should relate to existing national, international or other EU-based frameworks (such as UN Global Compact, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises, the ILO Tripartite Declaration of principles concerning multinational enterprises and social policy, EMAS, etc.)? The guidelines should make reference to other frameworks where addressing concrete matters or specific issues
2.3 #9/Q3: In your opinion, what features make a piece of information relevant (or material) for the purposes of the non-financial statement? Necessary to understand how the company manages non-financial risks
3.1 #4/Q17: Is there a risk that tax transparency towards the public could have other unintended negative consequences on companies? Yes
3.2 #4/Q2A: Do you agree with the following objectives: To increase pressure on enterprises to geographically align taxes paid in a country with actual profits, by enhanced scrutiny and decisions of either citizens or tax authorities (enterprises should pay tax where they actually make profit)? Yes
3.3 #17/Q: Do you think that whistleblowing should be protected? Yes
4.1 #8/Q2A: What are the barriers which prevent firms from directly providing financial services cross-border? Language, Differences in national legislation, Additional requirements imposed by national regulators
4.2 #8/Q6: Do customers have access to safe, simple and understandable financial products throughout the European Union? No
4.3 #12/Q11: What information, in your opinion, is most relevant to individual savers during the lifetime of the product? Level of protection provided (very important)
5.1 #15/Q2: In your opinion, how important is each of the following CEF objectives to the goal of developing trans-European transport, energy and telecommunications networks? Develop the physical transportation, energy and telecommunications infrastructure (very important)
5.2 #15/Q1: In your opinion, is there still a need to continue financial support from the EU budget for the development of trans-European networks? Yes
5.3 #14/Q1: In your opinion, should investing in the fields of transport, energy and telecommunications be an EU priority? Yes
  1. Selected are questions from individual consultations, where the answers show the highest level of co-voting agreement between the organizations in the cluster