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Fig. 7

From: A multiplex financial network approach to policy evaluation: the case of euro area Quantitative Easing

Fig. 7

The euro area macro-network of financial exposures via APP securities; June 2017. The macro-network of financial exposures among the different institutional sectors operating in the euro area (i.e., Eurosystem (ECB&NCB), Monetary Financial Institutions excluding the Eurosystem (MFI excl. ECB&NCB), Other Financial Institutions (OFI), Non-MMF Investment Funds (Non-MMF IF), Insurance Corporations and Pension Funds (IC&PF), Households (HH), Non-Financial Corporations (NFC), and General Governments (GG)), and the Rest of the World (RW), via private and public debt securities purchased within the APP (represented with light blue links), with reference to the second quarter of 2017. Weights represent the outstanding financial exposures of a source institutional sector to a target institutional sector expressed in trillion euros. Data source: (European Central Bank 2017b)

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