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Fig. 5

From: A multiplex financial network approach to policy evaluation: the case of euro area Quantitative Easing

Fig. 5

The euro area macro-network of financial exposures via loans and deposits; June 2017. The macro-network of financial exposures among the different institutional sectors operating in the euro area (i.e., Eurosystem (ECB&NCB), Monetary Financial Institutions excluding the Eurosystem (MFI excl. ECB&NCB), Other Financial Institutions (OFI), Non-MMF Investment Funds (Non-MMF IF), Insurance Corporations and Pension Funds (IC&PF), Households (HH), Non-Financial Corporations (NFC), and General Governments (GG)), and the Rest of the World (RW), via short-term and long-term loans and deposits (represented with red links), with reference to the second quarter of 2017. Weights represent the outstanding financial exposures of a source institutional sector to a target institutional sector expressed in trillion euros. Data source: (European Central Bank 2017b)

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