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Fig. 3

From: A multiplex financial network approach to policy evaluation: the case of euro area Quantitative Easing

Fig. 3

Breakdown of the euro area institutional sectors’ and rest of the world’s financial assets by instrument type; June 2017. Breakdown of the euro area institutional sectors’ financial assets by instrument type, i.e., short-term and long-term loans and deposits (in red), short-term and long-term private and public debt securities (in blue), APP securities (in light blue), listed, unlisted, and investment fund shares and other equity (in yellow), and other financial assets (in grey). The residual category “other” includes i) monetary gold and Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) (totally held by Monetary Financial Institutions), ii) insurance and pension schemes (mostly, i.e., the 93.86%, held by Households), and iii) other accounts receivable and financial derivatives (mostly, i.e., the 50.66%, held by Non-Financial Corporations). Data source: (European Central Bank 2017b)

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