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Fig. 2

From: δ-MAPS: from spatio-temporal data to a weighted and lagged network between functional domains

Fig. 2

a The five ground-truth domains. Adjacent domains have different colors, overlapping regions shown in black, and the core of each domain is in blue. The three constructed edges are shown in gray lines. b The homogeneity field \(\hat {r}_{K}(i)\) at each cell. The identified seeds are shown in blue. c The inferred domains: adjacent domains have different colors and overlaps are shown in black. d The inferred domain-level network: the color map refers to the edge correlation. The lag associated with each edge is also shown. e, f, g The first three EOF (PCA) components. The variance explained by each component is shown at the top of each figure. h, i The two ICA components. j, k K-means clustering. l The second hierarchical level of community structure as identified by OSLOM: each community has a distinct color and overlaps are shown in black

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