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Table 1 Network examples and case studies used in this paper–i.e., a summary of inputs with their sources when applicable

From: The gravity of an edge

Network exampleNodes (n)Edges (m)Network visualizationData source
Small example A56Fig. 1a
Small example B810Fig. 4a
Granovetter ’73 example A1021Fig. 7Granovetter (1973)
Granovetter ’73 example B2541Fig. 8ibid.
Florentine families1620Fig. 13Wasserman and Faust (1999)
Florentine families–reduced1615Fig. 13ibid. b
Krebs1927Fig. 18Krebs (2002)
Krebs–augmented1933Fig. 18ibid.
  1. The indicator a denotes a network example created for this paper. The indicator b denotes a modification within this paper of the sourced network example