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Table 1 The three real networks analysed in this paper: the high quality protein interaction network (PIN), the Pretty-Good-Privacy web of trust (PGP) and the US airport network (AIR)

From: Manifold learning and maximum likelihood estimation for hyperbolic network embedding

Network N L 2m γ \(\bar {c}\) T
PIN 10824 66154 12.22 2.66 0.18 0.77
PGP 14367 37900 5.28 2.14 0.47 0.43
AIR 500 2980 11.92 2.01 0.73 0.15
  1. The number of nodes N and links L, average node degree 2m, scaling exponent γ, clustering coefficient \(\bar {c}\) and inferred network temperature T are reported for each network