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Table 8 Comparison of comorbidity network studies

From: A network analysis to identify lung cancer comorbid diseases

Author Data Disease Network constructed Analysis
Folino et al. (2010) Medical records of 1462 patients Common Occurrence in patient and relative risk Association rule
Ljubic et al. (2020) SID California inpatient database (ICD-9) Colorectal cancer \(\varphi\)-correlation and Relative Risk (RR) Centrality measurement
Chmiel et al. (2014) Database of the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions and Text Mining Pubmed Common Statistical multiplex network Evolution disease network
Renteria-ramos et al. (2018) Three independent administrative databases Risaralda province (2011–2016) Common k-Communities Intensity analysis and motif coherence
Moratalla-Navarro et al. (2020) 285,342 patients in Catalonia, Spain, (period: 2006–2017) Hypo thyroidism Comorbidity networks using logistic regression models Multivariate logistic regression with LASSO
Our research Pubtator text mining Lung Cancer Disease Similarity Community Network and Centrality measurement