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Table 5 Parameter estimates with 95% confidence interval for the human PPI (HIPPIE high confidence) network, from the EE algorithm

From: Testing biological network motif significance with exponential random graph models

Effect Model 1 Model 2
Edge \(\mathbf {\underset{(-12.550, -12.450)}{-12.500}}\) \(\mathbf {\underset{(-12.498, -12.402)}{-12.450}}\)
AS \(\mathbf {\underset{(1.222, 1.258)}{1.240}}\) \(\mathbf {\underset{(1.208, 1.245)}{1.226}}\)
A2P \(\mathbf {\underset{(-0.001, -0.001)}{-0.001}}\) \(\mathbf {\underset{(-0.001, -0.001)}{-0.001}}\)
AT \(\mathbf {\underset{(1.692, 1.711)}{1.701}}\) \(\mathbf {\underset{(1.680, 1.699)}{1.690}}\)
Match cellular component \(\mathbf {\underset{(0.431, 0.498)}{0.465}}\)
  1. Parameter estimates that are statistically significant are shown in bold