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Table 2 The analyzed networks

From: Comparative analysis of box-covering algorithms for fractal networks

Code Full name, description References
phd CSphd: Ph.D.’s in computer science Rossi and Ahmed (2015)
cel C. elegans: metabolic reactions between substrates Rossi and Ahmed (2015)
soc Caltech36: social network from Facebook Rossi and Ahmed (2015)
ful A. Fulgidus whole network: cellular network Wolfram Data Repository (2019a)
pol Polbooks: books about US politics, compiled by V. Krebs Rossi and Ahmed (2015)
dol dolphins: dolphins social network Rossi and Ahmed (2015)
mou Mouse brain data, edges represent fiber tracts Rossi and Ahmed (2015)
min Minnesota: minnesota road network Rossi and Ahmed (2015)
eco E. Coli whole network: cellular network Wolfram Data Repository (2019b)
tok Tokyo metro: Tokyo underground network Chen (2017)