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Table 1 The box-covering algorithms

From: Comparative analysis of box-covering algorithms for fractal networks

Type Algorithm Abbr Year References
Classic Random sequential RS 2007 Kim et al. (2007) and Gao et al. (2008)
Greedy coloring GC 2007 Song et al. (2007)
Merge algorithm MA 2010 Locci et al. (2010)
Burning Compact-box burning CBB 2007 Song et al. (2007)
Modified box counting method* MBC 2007 Kitsak et al. (2007) and Yuan et al. (2017)
Max-excluded mass burning MEMB 2007 Song et al. (2007)
Ratio of excluded mass to closeness centrality REMCC 2016 Zheng et al. (2016)
MCWR algorithm MCWR 2019 Liao et al. (2019)
Meta-heuristic Edge-covering with simulated annealing* ECSA 2007 Zhou et al. (2007)
Simulated annealing SA 2010 Locci et al. (2010)
Differential evolution DE 2014 Kuang et al. (2014)
Particle swarm optimization PSO 2015 Kuang et al. (2015)
Multi-objective particle swarm optimization* MOPSO 2017 Wu et al. (2017)
Max–min ant colony optimization algorithm* ACO 2017 Li et al. (2017)
Overlapping Fuzzy box-covering Fuzzy 2014 Zhang et al. (2014)
Overlapping box covering algorithm OBCA 2014 Sun and Zhao (2014)
Improved overlapping box covering* IOB 2020 Zheng et al. (2020)
Sampling-based Minimal-value burning* MVB 2012 Schneider et al. (2012)
Sampling-based method SM 2019 Wei et al. (2019)
Weighted Coulomb’s law based box-covering* CL 2016 Zhang et al. (2016)
Deterministic box-covering algorithm* DBCA 2020 Gong et al. (2020)
Other Sketch-based box-covering* Sketch 2016 Akiba et al. (2016)
Community-structure-based method* COM 2021 Giudicianni et al. (2021)
  1. The starred algorithms are not yet available in our repository