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Table 1 The 11 EBOPS service categories S205 to S291 as reported by BaTis. The first one, Total services (S200), is the aggregate of all the others

From: The network of international trade in services

Code Name Description
S200 Total services  
S205 Transportation services Sea, air, space, rail, road, inland waterway, transportation and pipeline transport (passenger and freight)
S236 Travel services Business and personal travels
S245 Communication services Postal-courier and telecommunication services
S249 Construction services Construction abroad and construction in the compiling economy
S253 Insurance services Pension funding, life, freight and direct insurances, and reinsurance
S260 Financial services Banking and financial investment services
S262 Computer and information services Computer, information, news agency and other information provision
S266 Royalties and license fees services Franchise and royalties fees
S268 Other business services Merchanting and trade-related, operational leasing
S287 Personal services Audiovisual, education, health and others
S291 Government services Embassies and military units