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Table 6 Seven nodes with the largest strength in each community involved in Streams 4 and 5

From: Co-occurrence network of TV advertisements revealing Japanese lifestyle

Stream Year Nodes
  2006 Man, drink, tell, train, rooftop, surprise, building
  2007 Man, tell, office, TV, look, bench, still image
  2008 Man, sea, bicycle, laugh, store, rooftop, desert
  2009 Man, TV, office, phone, class room, meeting, speak
  2010 Man, office, suited man, stairs, speak, window, question
  2011 Man, black and white, office, kimono woman, laugh, surprise, greeting
Stream 4 2012 Man, office, surprise, phone, greeting, another man, studio
‘Man’ 2013 Man, black and white, surprise, phone, laugh, another man, question
  2014 Man, office, conversation, phone, park, question, meeting
  2015 Man, office, conversation, laugh, phone, cafe, cry
  2016 Man, office, laugh, bicycle, greeting, phone, park
  2017 Man, another man, cat, izakaya, in a bus, Japanese room, call
  2018 Man, speak, another man, cafe, pointing, man, close-up, worried
  2019 Man, drink, laugh, surprise, speak, conversation, tell
  2020 Man, man and woman, a word, surprise, pose, speak, laugh
  2006 Woman, walk, eat, inside a store, sofa, stairs, office
  2007 Woman, indoor, photo, PC, sofa, bicycle, sit
  2008 Woman, product, drink, tell, inside a store, small screen, stairs
  2009 Woman, indoor, drink, tell, dog, mobile phone, PC
  2010 Woman, tell, indoor, walk, room, mobile phone, city
  2011 Woman, indoor, walk, room, city, PC, dog
Stream 5 2012 Woman, indoor, walk, room, inside a store, pose, stairs
‘Woman’ 2013 Woman, product, indoor, room, paint, cafe, stairs
  2014 Woman, product, indoor, walk, impression, stairs, paint
  2015 Woman, indoor, walk, smile, room, flower, fireworks
  2016 Woman, product, tell, indoor, walk, photo, smile
  2017 Woman, indoor, walk, office, dog, wave a hand, stairs
  2018 Woman, smile, walk, indoor, sky, dog, photograph
  2019 Woman, smile, pose, office, turn around, sit, cafe
  2020 Woman, walk, another woman, step, jump, turn around, sit