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Table 3 Division votes on the Oct 2019 Brexit bill timeline of top 10 rebels compared to what is expected by their party

From: Dissent and rebellion in the House of Commons: a social network analysis of Brexit-related divisions in the 57th Parliament

MP Party (as of Apr 2019) Party’s vote expectation (for/against Brexit bill) MP voted*
Lady Hermon Independent For Against
Mr Kenneth Clarke Conservative For Against
Frank Field Independent Against For
Graham Stringer Labour Against Against
Kate Hoey Labour Against For
Kelvin Hopkins Independent Against For
Anna Soubry Conservative For Against
Dr Sarah Wollaston Conservative For Against
Heidi Allen Conservative For Against
Mr Ronnie Campbell Labour Against
  1. The accuracy score of the full model is 94%, and calculations are provided in the Additional file 1 
  2. * Note: Ken Clarke voted to pass the Brexit bill but voted against the expedited timeline Kate Hoey did not vote on the Brexit bill, but voted for the expedited timeline