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Table 2 Top 10 rebels based on eigenvector centrality. Asterisks (*) indicate that the MP was also identified by the network visualisation

From: Dissent and rebellion in the House of Commons: a social network analysis of Brexit-related divisions in the 57th Parliament

MP Party (as of Apr 2019) Ideology (inferred from party) Eigenvector centrality
1. Lady Hermon** Independent Left 1.0
2. Mr Kenneth Clarke* Conservative Right 1.0
3. Frank Field* Independent Left 0.99
4. Graham Stringer* Labour Left 0.98
5. Kate Hoey* Labour Left 0.98
6. Kelvin Hopkins* Independent Left 0.97
7. Anna Soubry* Conservative Right 0.96
8. Dr Sarah Wollaston* Conservative Right 0.92
9. Heidi Allen* Conservative Right 0.91
10. Mr Ronnie Campbell Labour Left 0.91
Mean centrality 0.16
Median centrality 0.14
Number of MPs 639
  1. Lady Hermon (**) was not identified a rebel by visual inspection, but was labelled an Independent rebel in our “Data and Methods” section