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Table 1 Examples of observational data used to study walk processes on networks

From: Trajectories through temporal networks

  Implicit Explicit
Network Network data Path data
Transit network Transit routes
Internet connections traceroute output
Hyperlink network Web crawler output
Football passing network Hypothetical plays
Payment networks Hypothetical flows
Process Event data Trajectory data
Vessel manifests Travel itineraries
Router-based logs Packet-based logs
Hyperlink clicks User click-streams
Football match events Passing sequences
Transaction records Flows of money
  1. Listed processes are: travellers in transit, packets routed over the internet, users surfing the web via hyperlinks, football players passing a ball, and transactions within a payment system. The examples are organized to reflect how data can be collected (about the walk process itself or about the network over which it plays out) and that the structure of the data may or may not explicitly incorporate the integrity and bounds of the walk process