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Table 2 Table of notation for a conventional network G in algorithms

From: Generating a heterosexual bipartite network embedded in social network

Notation Description
G.n Set of nodes in network G
G.e Set of edges in network G
\(d_G\) Degree frequency list for network G
\(d_G({\mathbf{i}})\) Degree of node i in network G
\(G.N({\mathbf{i}})\) Set of neighbors of node i in Network G
\(dist(G,{\mathbf{u}},{\mathbf{v}})\) Distance between two nodes u and v in Network G
M.col/M.row Column/row size of a matrix M
M(i,  : )/M( : , i) ith row/column of matrix M
V(i) ith element of vector V
V.index(a) Index of element a in vector V
|S| Size (the number of elements) of a set S
S.remove(m) Remove member m from a set S
S.sample(P) Randomly select an element with property P (if P = 1 there is no property) from set S
urn Uniform random number in [0, 1]