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Table 9 Different variations of the cleaning process using the best performing models from the Experiment 1, on must-link and cannot-link constraints respectively

From: Overlapping community finding with noisy pairwise constraints

Cleaning models Must-link constraints Cannot-link constraints
Small networks
 Hybrid (Autoencoder–Encoder Func.+IF) AE1_L1 AE3+IF
 Autoencoders(AE) AE1_L1 AE3_L1
 Encoder Func. + Outlier detection (SVM-IF) AE3+SVM AE3+IF
 Outlier detection only (SVM-IF) SVM IF
Large networks
 Hybrid (Autoencoder–Encoder Func.+IF) AE2_L1 AE3+IF
 Autoencoders(AE) AE2_L1 AE3_L1
 Encoder Func. + Outlier detection (SVM-IF) AE2+SVM AE3+IF
 Outlier detection only (SVM-IF) SVM IF