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Table 8 A list of plausible explanations for anomalous peaks observed in Fig. 1

From: Public risk perception and emotion on Twitter during the Covid-19 pandemic

Country Date Category Description
USA June 2, 2020 Anger Donald Trump responding near the White House to the protests against the murder of George Floyd (Collinson 2020)
Australia, Nigeria, UK June 6–7, 2020 Anger Worldwide protests against the murder of George Floyd in the USA (
Chile May 13–15, 2020 Anger Chilean Health Ministry announces total lockdown (
Argentina March 20, 2020 Death President Alberto Fernandez announces total national lockdown (
Australia May 20–26, 2020 Death New Covid-19 deaths after several days without casualties. Moreover, the murder of George Floyd in the USA took place on May 25 (
Canada May 2, 2020 Death Unknown
Colombia March 22, 2020 Death Shootout in a prison triggered by prisoners demanding better hygiene conditions for Covid-19 results in 23 deaths (
India March 29, 2020 Death Unknown
Nigeria April 18, 2020 Death Many important African political figures die from Covid-19 this day (
Spain May 25, 2020 Death Correction in Covid-19 data repositories show negative daily deaths (
Spain June 1, 2020 Death First day in Spain without Covid-19 deaths (
UK April 10, 2020 Death The UK surpasses 10,000 Covid-19 deaths (
USA May 25, 2020 Death Murder of George Floyd (
  1. Most of these peaks arise from the murder of George Floyd and the consequent protests. We focused mainly on the Death and emotionally-charged categories as these are the ones that are most related to the psychophysical numbing effect we describe in the main text