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Table 2 Words belonging to the Affect LIWC category that appear in the primarily Death-based clusters in the three snapshot word co-occurrence networks shown in Fig. 3a–c. The middle and right columns indicate in which snapshots they are most prominent, and the likely explanation for their association with the concept of death during the pandemic

From: Public risk perception and emotion on Twitter during the Covid-19 pandemic

Word Figures Interpretation
Positive 3a–c Used in reference to the number of people that have tested positive for Covid-19
Isolat* 3a, b Used in discussion surrounding symptomatic and at-risk individuals self-isolating
Care 3b, c Used in relation to: the health care system; the death care industry; the admission of Covid-19 patients to intensive care units; and deaths occurring in care homes for the elderly
Panic 3a Panic-buying of household goods, e.g. toilet paper, hand-sanitiser
Protests 3c George Floyd’s death and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests