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Table 3 KPIs to measures for popularity and narcissism along with their relevant literature

From: Narcissism and fame: a complex network model for the adaptive interaction of digital narcissism and online popularity

KPI Explanation Reference
Grandiose exhibition
selfiepm/otherpicspm How many selfie/other pictures shared per month Categories emerged … on Instagram. Personal promotion, brand promotion, and sponsored promotion … increase their popularity… digital reputations” (Alshawaf and Wen 2015)
postfreqpm Frequency of sharing posts per month narcissists have more Facebook friends and tend to post more provocative material” (Bernarte et al. 2015)
pconvsspm; nconvspm How many positive and negative conversations per month “The relation between narcissism and disagreeableness increases when self-esteem is taken into account” (Holtzman et al. 2010)
followerspm How many followers per month “Instagram Leaders … have more followers than they are following” (Farwaha and Obhi 2019; Utz et al. 2012)
likespm How many likes per month We chose the number of “likes” as the index of popularity of a post (Zhang et al. 2018)
htagspm Count the number of posts which had one or more hashtags (boolean) “… use hashtags to make their professional identity searchable … promote their identity as affiliated.. wider professional field” (Farwaha and Obhi 2019, p. 2012)