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Table 2 Explanation of states in level II and III

From: Narcissism and fame: a complex network model for the adaptive interaction of digital narcissism and online popularity

States per level References
Level II (plasticity/omega states) 1–4: Potentiation in the striatum depends not only on strong pre- and postsynaptic activation … reward prediction … modify behavior (Daniel and Pollmann 2014)
5–7: Presynaptic somatodendritic 5-HT1… people with a high level of aggression, there is a greater density … with impulse control (de Almeida et al. 2015)
1. \({\mathbf{W}}_{{{\text{fs}}_{{{\text{love}}}} {\text{,bs}}}}\) For fslove → bs
2. \({\mathbf{W}}_{{{\text{bs,fs}}_{{{\text{love}}}} }}\) For bs → fslove
3. Wsat,ins For striatum → insula
4. \({\mathbf{W}}_{{{\text{fs}}_{{{\text{rew}}}} {\text{,striatum}}}}\) For fsreward → striatum
5. \({\mathbf{W}}_{{{\text{eval}} - ,{\text{ ps}}_{{\text{a}}} }}\) For eval- → psact
6. \({\mathbf{W}}_{{{\text{ps}}_{{{\text{act}}}} {\text{, srs}}_{{{\text{eff}}}} }}\) For psact → srseff
7. \({\mathbf{W}}_{{{\text{fs}}_{{{\text{sent}}}} {\text{, ps}}_{{{\text{a}}}} }}\) For fssent → psact
Level III (meta-plasticity) Damage to neurons in hippocampal CA3 area and microstructure of synapse indicates that anger… harms plasticity …. (Sun et al. 2016)
H Speed factor for Wfsang,psa
M Persistance factor for Wfsang,psa