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Table 6 Survey questions: Block 1 – Independence

From: Network analysis of attitudes towards immigrants in Asia

Variable Survey Question Node Strength
V48 Having a job is the best way for a woman to be an independent person 8.224
V72 Living in secure surroundings is important to this person; to avoid anything that might be dangerous. 7.897
V77 It is important to this person to always behave properly; to avoid doing anything people would say is wrong. 7.881
V54 [Do you agree that] being a housewife is just as fulfilling as working for pay? 7.719
V228I Voters are offered a genuine choice in elections 7.694
V126 [H]ow much confidence [do] you have in [the United Nations] 7.446
V130 [Is having a democratic political system] a very good way of governing a country 7.443
V114 [H]ow much confidence [do] you have in [the courts] 7.441
V184 To what degree are you worried about [a terrorist attack] 7.213
dClass Would you describe yourself as belonging to the [upper class, upper middle class, lower middle class, working class, lower class] 6.543
V109 [H]ow much confidence do you have in [the armed forces] 6.464
V125 [H]ow much confidence you have in [regional organizations] 5.902