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Table 2 Summary of determinants of ATII

From: Network analysis of attitudes towards immigrants in Asia

Group Factors Study
Individual Non-attitudinal Education Hainmueller and Hiscox (2007)
Age Gorodzeisky and Semyonov (2009)
Sex Gorodzeisky and Semyonov (2009)
Rural/urban residence Gorodzeisky and Semyonov (2009)
Economic self-interest Mayda (2006)
Attitudinal Value of cultural homogeneity Sides and Citrin (2007)
Social Dominance Orientation Newman et al. (2014)
Satisfaction with democracy in their country Kunovich (2009)
Political orientation Kunovich (2009)
Issue salience Dennison and Geddes (2019)
Ethnocentrism/prejudice Burns and Gimpel (2000)
Religion Scheepers et al. (2002)
Group Group contact Schlueter and Wagner (2008)
National Identity Mummendey et al. (2001)
Macro National economic conditions Coenders et al. (2008)
(Perceptions) of local immigrant population Hjerm (2007)
Political system Coenders and Scheepers (2003)