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Table 7 Network measures computed for the higher-order networks (\(G_{o}^{*}\), \(G_{o}^{o}\), and \(G_{o}^{i}\)), described in the text. NA means that the metric could not be computed for that network due to computational complexity or resource limitation issues

From: Structural studies of the global networks exposed in the Panama papers

Network Measure G\(_{o}^{*}\) G\(_{o}^{o}\) G\(_{o}^{i}\)
Number of Non-Singleton Nodes 200,682 45,599 206,332
Number of Edges in Simple Graph 1,638,339 8,332,183 104,290,798
Simple Graph Transitivity 0.9707 NA NA
Simple Graph Density 5.771e-05 3.65e0-4 4.899e-03
Degree Assortativity Coefficient (only applicable to multi-graph) 0.7363 NA NA