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Table 2 Network measures on the Panama multi-network. Density, and other such metrics, were computed with respect to non-singleton nodes e.g., the density of the simple graph underlying the Panama multi-network is 657,489/(559,433*559,432/2) which is approximately 4.202e-06 (as reported below). Even among the non-singleton portion of the network, there are no non-singleton strongly connected components; hence, the total number of strongly connected components is simply equal to the number of non-singleton nodes (i.e. the number of nodes in the largest strongly connected component is simply 1)

From: Structural studies of the global networks exposed in the Panama papers

Network Measure Value
Number of Non-Singleton Nodes 559,433
Number of Edges in Simple Graph 657,489
Simple Graph Transitivity 5.112e-08
Simple Graph Density 4.202e-06
Degree Assortativity Coefficient (only applicable to multi-graph) -0.051
Number of Weakly Connected Components (WCCs) 11,043
Number of Nodes in Largest WCC 455,479
Number of Strongly Connected Components (SCCs) 559,433
Number of Nodes in Largest SCC 1