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Table 1 Frequently used notation for a temporal graph \(\mathcal {G}\). The first part shows global variables, the second part shows frequently used local variables

From: Efficient computation of optimal temporal walks under waiting-time constraints

the natural numbers (including 0) {0,…}
V the vertex set of \(\mathcal {G}\)
E the time-arc set of \(\mathcal {G}\)
[T] the time interval of \(\mathcal {G}\)
α the minimum waiting time with \(\alpha : V \rightarrow \mathbb{N}\)
β the maximum waiting time with \(\beta : V \rightarrow \mathbb{N}\)
Vt the vertex subset VtV at time t, that is, Vt:={v,w(v,w,t,λ)E}
Et the time-arc subset at time t, that is, Et:={(v,w)(v,w,t,λ)E}
Gt the directed static graph Gt:=(Vt,Et)
(v,w,t,λ) a time-arc from u to v with time stamp t and transmission time λ
k usually the number of time-arcs in an optimal walk
P a walk; often \(P = \left (\left (v_{i-1},v_{i},t_{i},\lambda _{i} \right)\right)_{i=1}^{k}\) indicates the optimal walk