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Table 11 Two shortest paths of length 6: the first one contain nodes that reach non-egocentric area and the second one is completely inside the egocentric network

From: A methodology for multilayer networks analysis in the context of open and private data: biological application

Pathway nodes Pathway 1 Pathway 2
1 "AT1G05450.2" "private" "AT1G05450.2" "private"
2 "AT1G17030.1" "ego" "AT1G17030.1" "ego"
3 CIDs70789281" "open" " "CIDs00119211" "ego"
4 AT4G12920.1" "ego" CIDs06435808" "ego"
5 "AT1G67290.1" "ego" "AT3G07450.1" "ego"
6 "AT1G04540.1" "private" "AT1G03390.1" "private"
  1. Molecules whose names begin with "AT" are proteins and those whose names begin with "CIDs" are metabolites