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Table 1 Country level Brain Circulation indicators

From: Cities and countries in the global scientist mobility network

  Definition Description
θ   0 before the move and 1 after
Sθ   Output of stationary scientist in domestic cities
Dθ   Output of scientist moving between domestic cities
Iθ   Output of scientist coming from a foreign city to a domestic city.
Lθ   Output of scientist leaving the country for a foreign city.
A0 S0+D0+L0 Total Output in the country before the move year
A1 S1+D1+I1 Total Output in the country after the move year
gA (A1A0)/A0 National output growth of output
gS (S1S0)/S0 Output growth from stationary scientists
gD (D1D0)/D0 Output growth from domestically mobile scientists
gI (I1L0)/L0 Output growth from international exchange
\({\overline {\text {age}}}_{I}\)   Average age (years from first publication) for incoming
\({\overline {\text {age}}}_{L}\)   Average age of leaving scientists
\(\Delta {\overline {\text {age}}}\) \({\overline {\text {age}}}_{L} - {\overline {\text {age}}}_{I}\) Age difference between leaving and incoming scientists