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Table 2 The regression coefficients of each of the three linear models. Model M1 is log(y)=ω0+ω1L+ω2N+ω3C, model M2 is log(y)=ω0+ω1L+ω2N+ω4d, model M3 is log(y)=ω0+ω1L+ω2N+ω3C+ω4d, where y is the opinion diversity, L is the average shortest path length, N is network size, C is the average clustering coefficient, d is the network density. The values shown below pertain to the coefficients ωi (i=0,…,4) with p-values reported in brackets. (p<0.1;p<0.05;p<0.01.)

From: A network perspective on intermedia agenda-setting

Intercept-15.15 (0.001***)-15.10 (0.001***)-14.03 (0.001***)
Avg. shortest path length (L)-0.21 (0.314)-0.03 (0.830)-0.01 (0.967)
Network Size (N)1.76 (0.001***)1.30 (0.006***)0.98 (0.042*)
Avg. clustering coefficient (C)-0.16 (0.504)-0.67 (0.024**)
Density (d)--0.46 (0.093)-0.95 (0.006***)