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Table 1 Nomenclature of the base model

From: The older the better: a fourth-order adaptive network model for reward-driven choices of emotion regulation strategies over time

X1wssWorld state for stimulus sBase Level
X2sssSensor state for stimulus s
X3srssSensory representation state for stimulus s
X4psaPreparation state for action a
X5esaExecution state for action a
X6ssbSensor state for body state b
X7srsbSensory representation state for body sate b
X8fsbFeeling state for body state b
X9psbPreparation state for body state b
X10esbExpression execution state for body state b
X11shrtr, rwdShort term reappraisal-oriented reward
X12bsBelief state for negative belief -
X13bs+Belief state for positive belief +
X14shrts, rwrdShort term suppression-oriented reward
X15csreappControl state for reappraisal
X16cssupControl state for suppression
X17msdstrssMonitoring state for distress
X18esdstrssExecution state for distress