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Table 2 Network metrics for the integrated network decomposed by year of companies’ creation

From: Corruption and complexity: a scientific framework for the analysis of corruption networks

Parameter/Year2008200920102011201220132014Average (SD)Aggregated
Peoplea4746808415913211995 (43)356
Companiesa10194528114746250 (36)354
Total nodes5765125112273206181146 (79)710
Total edges94128273164628454312293 (192)2068
Total multi-edge pairs153676271921146475 (61)526
Density0.0490.0440.0250.0220.0120.0160.0150.026 (0.015)0.006
Diameter6881012101410 (3)10
Av. path length3. (1)4.7
Av. degree2. (0.3)4.3
Clustering coefficient.000000000
Connected comp.11111131.3 (0.8)1
  1. aThe indicated number corresponds only to connected companies and people for each network